Welcome to Victoria Hall

This is an opportunity for all, who believe that the Church of Christ must be visibly active in the heart of Sheffield, to be identified with the Methodist City Centre presence. For this reason, I encourage you to come!

At the Heart of the City…."

stands The Victoria Hall, surrounded by the central ring road system. It is on the border of the main shopping centre, neighbour to the two great theatres, the library, the Art Galleries and the pubs and clubs of the city centre. It is a stone’s throw from the Town Hall, backs on to the headquarters of one of the major banks. In this city, from the suburban areas, home to a population that travels to and from work in the city centre, to the anonymous zones of car parks and shopping developments, where thousands pass unknown to each other, in any given twenty-four hour period the character of the populations changes at least three times, for business, shopping and leisure. “

With the city at Heart

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