Mission Statement

  • Victoria Hall Methodist Church is the Methodist city centre presence in Sheffield
  • The building bears witness to Christ's continuing concern for the worth of the city centre and the value of the people who use it
  • The congregations declare their response to the Gospel of God's love in Christ by endeavoring to live out their discipleship in worship and mission.
  • We implement the recommendations set out in the Safeguarding of Children and Young People policy of the Methodist Church.
In Worship We Will

  • Give praise to God through the Spirit
  • Open ourselves to God's transforming love
  • Endeavor to present the Gospel in ways which more accurately reflect the needs of society today
  • Recognise and respond to God's revelation of himself in Christ and in the world.

In Mission We Will

  • Tell the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Care for people and their individual needs
  • Encourage care for the city centre community
  • Call people to faith in Jesus Christ
  • Nurture disciples in the Christian Faith
  • Strive for a just society
  • Respect people of different cultures and faiths
  • Work in partnership with the city centre churches

In practice, therefore, we will undertake the following

In Worship and Fellowship

  • To encourage full participation in our church life
  • To explore ways by which people can be introduced and become committed
  • To ensure our worship is a priority and the inspiration for all our work
  • To offer a sincere welcome to all visitors
  • To consider new ways of extending the church's programme
  • To encourage the development of scriptural knowledge and prayer life
  • To maintain and develop a full pastoral visitation scheme.

In Evangelism, Mission and Service

  • To fulfil our responsibilities as an evangelical centre of worship and mission
  • To use celebration and proclamation together with friendship and caring
  • To support all attempts to make the city centre an attractive, safe and accessible place
  • To work with all who seek to create renewed confidence in the city centre
  • To encourage support of Christian who believe in a vigours city centre presence
  • To seek new means of service which can be expressed through our open-door policy.

Through Buildings and Resources

  • To use our building and resources to maintain worship and mission
  • To promote wider use of the facilities we have available to identify the needs of people with disabilities and to make reasonable adjustments to our premises where possible
  • To make our strategic position an effective shop window for our denomination
  • To harness and use resources by good business practice
  • To consider staff appointments within a strategy for evangelism and growth
  • To develop and extend the well coming nature and friendly character of the Victoria Hall
  • To continue to play our full part in the life of the City of Sheffield.

Members and friends of the Victoria Hall are encouraged to make a personal response to this Mission Statement and Church Policy as they renew their commitment to Jesus Christ

Participation by all who believe in the city centre ministry and mission is greatly valued. We are grateful to all who share in this work by their presence, prayers and financial support.

We pray that we may be constantly guided by the Holy Spirit, offering worthy worship to God, growing in the Christian Faith, and serving Christ in the Church and in today's world.