Who's Who

  • Superintendent Rev. Noel Irwin

When Victoria Hall was opened on 24th September 1908, it was done so for, ‘the worship of God and the service of the people.’ As we all know things have changed a lot in the past one hundred years, indeed things have changed greatly in Sheffield city centre during the past five years I have been here, but what has remained constant is the desire to worship our God, made known to us through Jesus Christ our Lord, and to serve the people of Sheffield to the best of our ability.

Today, Victoria Hall is home to fellowships and congregations who speak French, Shona, Farsai, Eritrean and the much more mundane English! showing that folks of all nations can truly be ‘one in Christ’. Our Methodist membership is drawn from around thirty different countries and we host a dizzying array of groups and activities which serve all the people of Sheffield, but especially the vulnerable people who gravitate to our city centre.

Over the past five years we have hosted the second major refurbishment of Victoria Hall in its history, as we have completed our disabled access programme, a new reception area with a shop front entrance and opened up the front of the church. Indeed this image of a church being opened up is one that we would want to cultivate for every area of our life. We want to be open to people of all races and faiths, we want to be open for the vulnerable and needy, we want to be open to God’s guiding us as to how we can be more faithful disciples of Jesus in the twenty first century. We have much to be thankful for in Victoria Hall and much more work to do. After one hundred years of witness we want to echo the words of Dag Hammerskjold: ‘For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.’ You are welcome to join us. Noel Irwin (Superintendent Minister)

  • Administrator Rachel O’Leary